Citizen Science - Data Collection & Management

Data collection - volunteers

One of the key barriers to successful engagement of volunteers is complexity.  ProofSafe allows you to very easily create forms and share them. From the volunteers end it's straightforward:

  1. Download the ProofSafe App (iOS or Android)
  2. Enter the project User-name and Password

Participants will find themselves inside the ProofSafe App which is branded to your project, they are then prompted to download your forms with a single click, that's it, ready to go. Collect data on or off-line and upload.

ProofSafe digital forms are perfect for offline citizen science volunteer projects
Proof Safe is highly flexible, easily configured to any project.

Digital data collection forms can be confusing particularly on small screens such as phones, however ProofSafe was developed by a team doing real world research (Leadbeater's Possums in remote forests and micro-bats in caves), so the forms are presented to ensure questions are clear, no questions are missed, instructions are available and most importantly data is secure.

Integrity of data

Once volunteers have collected data it is easily uploaded - the key advantages to the project coordinator are eliminating data re-entry and the quality of data.   If questions are filled using pre-set lists such as species lists and option lists of commonly used sentences then there are no issues around deciphering handwriting or typos during data re-entry.

ProofSafe includes features to ensure forms are completed, no omissions.   There are also a range of other features to make sure data collection in the field is easy and complete.

Proof Safe digital forms for ecolgocal environmental citizen science offlin data collection

Large projects on small budgets!

ProofSafe pricing is founded on 'Fair', in many instances we will support Citizen Science projects free of charge, or for a nominal fee, please have a read of our Pricing page and contact us to discuss your project.

In return for our support we may ask for your recommendation, or crediting ProofSafe where appropriate; for example putting a link on your website or giving us a mention on social media.

Volunteer safety - OHS / WHS compliance

ProofSafe was, in part, designed to manage Workplace Safety. When a Citizen Science project engages volunteers the coordinators are accepting a level of responsibility and risk associated with that volunteer. We can provide guidance on how to manage that risk and forms and resources to assist. Workplace Safety is just one extra area where ProofSafe may be of benefit, other opportunities include surveys, disseminating information, quizzes and collaboration with industry or government.

Tree failure project - Citizen Science

ProofSafe is supporting a new initiative looking at tree failures, this project will encourage input from participants across a broad area hopefully building a large, publicly available, data set.

The project will look at the type of failures that occur, why they occurred and the consequences. The data will be available to anyone interested, hopefully informing policy makers and the management of urban forests.

The Proof Safe App will be used to distribute the form and collect data. Results will be dynamically updated and available soon on this site.