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Downloading the app for mobile phones and tablets

iPad / iPhone -          Android

Free login to use digital forms for offline data collection

Apple devices use the 'Appstore', Android or Google devices use the 'Playstore'. Using your phone or tablet go to these Stores, search 'ProofSafe' and download the App. It's important that you 'Allow' the various permissions so that ProofSafe can operate on your device.
From the Login page on your device there are two options:

  1. Login to an existing account - Enter your Username and Password that your employer or other organisation has given you. You will be using their forms within their account. OR

  2. Register a new organisation - This will enable you to set up a new account within ProofSafe, usually for businesses or research bodies - then once this account is established contact us to set up numerous individual 'users' who are linked to that organisation

Once you submit this 'New Registration' you will receive a confirmation email confirming your login details. Login to the App and press the black arrow to download the forms to your device.

First use of the App needs to be within range of WiFi or 3G/4G data for verification and downloading forms.

To immediately test the App and example forms download the App to your device and login using the guest credentials:
Username -  'guest1'
Password -  'demo1'

Basics of the ProofSafe App

First step is to simply spend 5 minutes having a play around, you can't break your account or destroy your settings so just have a go. This is not like the old .DOS system where one false move was critical!
Try the various icons such as the 'duplicate' button this is one of many that can save you a lot of time especially on repetitive jobs.
Ensure you also look at the menu options on the various pages.

Proof Safe can be customised to your business with digital forms branded to your project for any offline data collection project Proof Safe digital forms for offline data collection

Home page & favourites

The standard home page shows a range of folders for sorting different types of forms such as Research forms or Safety forms, there is a folder for Documents and any other you may need, these folders can be customised to suit your needs and branded to your organsiation as per the images. Additionally if you go into the Favourites screen and press the menu you're able to set it as your home screen, then just nominate your most used forms as favourites by pressing the stars.

Creating or editing forms

We are currently updating our Form Builder to a shiny new 'drag and drop' interface, in the meantime we are assembling and editing forms on your behalf, simply send us the details of what you want and we'll compile your form, then work closely with you to fine tune and edit as needed.

Reports - how to receive your data

Once you upload a file your data will be emailed to the email address nominated in your account settings. This data arrives in a spreadsheet and is easily transferred to most other formats. If you want your data to go somewhere else or arrive in a different format just let us know and we'll help you set it up.


ProofSafe will hold documents for you, they might be instructions, field guides or SWMS's or Operating Procedures.
How to open documents: A document can be attached to any form so it's immediately available form that form, tap the link, however they are all available in the 'Documents' folder.
Touch the black arrow to download, touch the document file name to open it. Sometimes you may be given a range of options regarding how to open the file, select one of the options such as 'Open in iBooks' or 'Copy to iBooks'.


You need to allow ProofSafe to access your camera and images, your location, telephone, modify SD card, network access and 'read device state and identity'. This should happen during setup however if you have a problem such as: 'Can't access camera' or 'Camera has stopped' then first step is to check in your device settings that you have allowed ProofSafe to use the camera and the various permissions are set.

Saving / Caching maps for offline use

ProofSafe works Offline so you can collect data anywhere, however we integrate with Google Maps which requires data transfer to show you the mapping images. This means if you are working in a remote location you need to 'cache' (save it to your phone/tablet) the maps to your phone before your trip. Before going to a remote area you should cache the map you want, that map will then be visible within ProofSafe when your out on location.
Here is how to save or cache maps for offline use:

Short version

  1. Open Google Maps App
  2. Zoom to your desired location
  3. In the search bar type "ok maps"
  4. Click 'Search'
  5. Click 'Download'
  6. Open Maps menu, check it's saved (and not expired)

More detailed version

  1. Open Google Maps App - most devices comes with this Application but if you can't find it you need to go to the App Store or Play Store and download 'Google Maps' to your device
  2. Open Google Maps, this is completely separate from ProofSafe and you do not do this from within the ProofSafe App
    Google may ask for details of your Google account to allow you to get Maps or other Google products, this is nothing to do with ProofSafe.
  3. Zoom to your desired location - find the area you are going to be working in and zoom right down, use satellite view to get that image layer.
  4. Satellite view is found by pressing the white circle with the small black square,in the top right hand corner (just below the search bar)
  5. Up the top there is a search bar, type in "ok maps"
  6. Click 'Search' (magnifying glass) - make sure the area selected includes everything you need, if not you may need to move your map a bit or, after completion, repeat the process for the next area. Please note that at this point it will just show you a relatively large area, it won't be zoomed in, this is ok, it's just showing you the total area even though it has actually saved a more detailed image / map on your device than you can see here.
  7. Click 'Download'
  8. Go to Google Maps menu (3 horizontal lines up the top), then go into 'Offline maps' and check that your area or areas are saved. Your map will expire after 30 days, however you can go into the Offline maps section > Settings, and turn on the 'Automatic update' option. Also here you can choose where the data is stored so if you're running out of space you can allocate the maps data to an SD card

Free mapping function for offline data collection, you can find your location for any field based form data collection

Notes on maps:   In the process above there are three separate software programs involved:
1. Google maps which you might have used to navigate, zoom and search.
2. Google map Caching   -   this just saves map data to your device - phone or tablet.   And
3. ProofSafe  -   Uses the map now saved on your device to show your location.
You can zoom, scan and search within ProofSafe and Google Maps but you can't zoom within the Caching function - this will just show you an outline of the entire area you have saved.
Small tip - When you're in ProofSafe you will see a 'target' icon in a white square; top right hand corner, (see image) press this and the map will centre on your current location. The blue dot gives you an indication of how accurate your GPS currently is, if the the blue shadow around the dot is large then accuracy is not good.
Press the yellow 'SELECT POSITION' button (bottom left) to lock in and save your desired coordinates.

Call, email or use the feedback button on the ProofSafe App to contact us, we'll respond quickly and will include further information here when requested.