Proofsafe is new, our focus has been building safe, stable software. We are gradually releasing features, as they come online we'll adjust the content here.

For any assistance please contact us directly via email or phone +61 (0)3 8669 0322.

Currently you can use ProofSafe to create forms and securly collect and manage data. Over coming months new components will be switched on allowing you to dynamically manage assets such as staff or plant and equipment, build dynamic reports and send data back out to mobile devices.

Downloading the app for mobile phones and tablets

Go to the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) and download the 'ProofSafe' app.

Register directly from your device.
Press the 'Register' button and complete the form.   You will then receive a confirmation email with your login details.
Press the black arrow to download your forms.

To try the app and some forms immediatly you can download the app and login using:
Username - 'guest'
Password - 'demo'

Using forms on your device

First step is to simply spend 5 minutes having a play around, you can't break your account or destroy your settings so just have a go. There are various icons such as the 'duplicate' button you should try, the duplicate function is one of many that can save the user a lot of time especially on repetitive jobs.   Ensure you also look at the menu options on the various pages.
Home page / Favourites The standard home page is configured as a range of folders for different types of forms such as Research, Documents, Safety etc, these folders can be changed, however if you prefer you can change the settings and make the favourites folder (star icon) your home screen and just nominate your most used forms as favourites.

Reports - how to receive your data

Once you upload a file your data will be emailed to the email address nominated in your account settings. This data arrives in a spreadsheet and is easily transferred to most other formats. If you want your data to go somewhere else or arrive in a different format just let us know and we'll help you set it up.


Your organisation is billed at the end of each month, the amount is calculated on the level of usage, ProofSafe will automatically adjust your invoice with consideration to the services you used and the amount of usage.


You need to allow ProofSafe to access your camera and images, your location, modify SD card, network access and 'read device state and identity'. This should happen during setup however if you have a problem such as: 'Can't access camera' or 'Camera has stopped' then first step is to check in your device settings that you have allowed ProofSafe to use the camera and the various permissions are set.