*NOTE - We are moving to a data based pricing structure to ensure we have an equitable system. We believe you should only pay for what you use. This change will take effect in March, the prices below should only be used as a guide until then.

1 month free trial - pricing below is a guide only.

  •  Individual ~ $20 per month
  •  5 staff ~ $60 per month
  •  10 staff ~ $130 per month
  •  25 staff ~ $300 per month
  •  60 staff ~ $700 per month
  •  120 staff ~ $1500 per month
  •  >120 staff ~ Contact us for pricing
  •  Research projects - calculated on field staff (devices) and project duration.
(Prices excluding GST)

If you're only using a single form and have 25 staff pushing you into the next price bracket let us know and we'll reduce the pricing. Conversely if you are collecting many large data sets with a high data load (multiple high-res images) we'll invoke the 'fair use' policy and negotiate a higher, equitable price.

1 month free trial - pricing below is a guide only.

Systems & Safety

(Excluding GST)

Unlimited* forms
designed and built for
your organisation
Individual   -   $20 per month
5 staff   -   $60 per month
10 staff   -   $130 per month
25 staff   -   $300 per month
60 staff   -   $700 per month
120 staff   -   $1500 per month
More than 120 staff   -   Contact us for pricing
Field research
Pricing for data collection projects   -   based on the number of devices collecting data and the duration of the project.
Customised setup
Tailoring the database, forms and outputs for your organisation
Quoted for each organisation — initial setup for a small, two or three person business is likely to be free.
A multifaceted business with a range of use cases, reports, large teams and multiple sites and assets will be thousands.

*Unlimited devices   &   forms - your entire team can access the forms they need, as can external contractors or volunteers. You determine which forms are available to which teams.
If your data usage becomes excessive we'll contact you to discuss an equitable fee increase.

Offer of free ProofSafe use for volunteer environmental groups for offline field based data collection

The ProofSafe App - simple to test and free to download and trial for 30 days.

iPad / iPhone -          Android

*** We are offering 25 ProofSafe packages free of charge to volunteer environmental organisations or community groups, contact us to discuss this opportunity ***

Details, examples and some fine print

An equitable system
Everyone at your organisation can have the ProofSafe forms on their devices, individuals or teams can build and test as many forms as required, upload results or use the documents depending on the access permissions you choose.

We have a 'Fair Use Policy', this means if you are uploading or storing a disproportionate amount of data we'll contact you to sort out a higher, equitable costing. Usually this high data usage will relate to images, signatures, sketches and any other high data use features such as audio or video files.

Forms - Digital forms on devices, configured to suit your data collection needs, includes as many different forms as you require.

Assets (under development) - Usually referring to people, larger machines or work-sites. Records on these assets are maintained in real time via various inputs such as digital forms. Reports are easily created and compliance can be proven. Addtionally reminders or alerts are sent as you need them.

Asset Management is used to monitor and manage any item, for example; personnel, plant or work sites. Asset Management provides many benefits to a business - making it easy to maintain good records which makes budgeting and planning easier.  Records on asset management are essential to winning tenders and most importantly keeping your team safe.  If you can show that your systems are safe then you can prove your OHS / WHS compliance to regulatory bodies and work providers

Asset Management - example – The shield or cover on a machine develops a crack, the operator easily logs that information on a digital form on their phone with some notes and maybe a photo. The maintenance department is then automatically alerted. Once the repair is complete that change is logged, again using a form on a phone or tablet.  The machine's status is now up to date and a report can be created at any time showing the history of inspections, reporting and maintenance.

Staff training records and certification becomes straightforward, management is automatically alerted by ProofSafe when a team member requires a First Aid refresher or when a review or audit comes due. Training is recorded and the records are easily maintained and searched as needed

Design assistance – Good forms and clear reports are worth investing in. They make a significant difference to your productivity.
A well designed form will have questions and sub forms in a logical order, question types will match your needs, drop-down lists will be structured to keep things simple and quick. This all combines to build forms that are logical and that your users will be happy to use.
Reports are the reason you collect data, they need to be structured to your needs and set up to minimise post processing. If set up properly this will save you a lot of time and lead to better outcomes such as strong tender submissions, data analysis and searchable data files.
We can help you set up your forms and reports, you don't need to have an in-house computer programmer to get things working. We will charge for some of these services however we'll do what we can to keep your costs to a minimum. You will be given a clear indication of any costs we may (or may not) charge before commencement.

ProofDocs  works in conjunction with ProofSafe, it's an application for arborists writing tree reports.  ProofSafe is used to collect the data whilst ProofDocs compiles your data into clean, succinct reports with images, maps and data tables.  ProofDocs usually saves at least an hour on standard reports, and much more on larger reports. Visit to see how easy it can be.

Forms – Examples of the type of data you might collect:

  • pre-start safety check
  • flora survey
  • worksite audit of personnel and equipment
  • names and contact details for your sporting club;
  • data on rabbit numbers for a citizen science project;
  • statistics for a school project;
  • tree species and GPS location for an arborist;
  • vehicle log book details for a salesman on the road; or
  • images and details of an incident for an investigation.
You can create and use as many forms as you need.

Asset management  – To comply with workplace safety laws, all organisations need to keep records on assets, for example:

  • training and safety records for staff;
  • maintenance records for vehicles and equipment;
  • audit and compliance records on work sites.

SPECIAL OFFER - Free use of ProofSafe for environmental or community groups

We believe in helping volunteers,  so we are offering 25 full ProofSafe packages free of charge to volunteer-based organisations* doing good. In return, of course we'll ask those organisations to help develop ProofSafe by providing feedback, and by promoting us as a sponsor etc, when appropriate.

This offer will provide selected groups with free use of the entire ProofSafe package - data collection on multiple devices, design assistance setting up forms and reports and configuration of API's etc for data management. ProofSafe provides these groups with a streamlined system for field based data collection, particularly for large undertakings such as Citizen Science projects.

Contact us to discuss availability, timing and the setting up of your systems for data collection and management. You might be researching birds / vegetation or tracking the sales of fundraising calendars or implementing safety systems for your teams, or all of the above.

*  Volunteer based organisations  - These are organisations that are exclusively or almost exclusively staffed and managed by volunteers such as locally based environmental groups, friends of various parks etc. We do not include in this group large organisations with a paid administration, significant budget and a partial volunteer workforce, however we are happy to help these groups where possible so please call us to discuss an equitable pricing arrangement.