Workplace Safety

Software and an App fully customised for your business.
Simple for the whole team to use, we'll set it up for you as part of your free trial.
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OHS / WHS / WSH Compliance

ProofSafe is designed with a couple of key objectives - help protect your team, and manage data so that you can prove OHS/WHS compliance.   Occupational Health and Safety legislation requires three things of all organisations -  You must:

  1. Keep everyone safe
  2. Have a system (you can't just wing it),  and
  3. Keep documents to prove you have a system

ProofSafe has a number of components, each can be configured to suit your needs. There is the App that sits on everyone's phone allowing your entire team to easily record information, and there is the back-end software that keeps your information current, ordered and accessible.

ProofSafe will enable you to both collect and manage your data, this in turn means you can stay on top of training, equipment maintenance, audits and all other aspects of safety compliance.

Systems for OHS / WHS compliance

Traditionally compliance with Occupational Health and Safety legislation has been particularly onerous - designing paperwork, getting everyone to read and follow it and then consistently getting the forms completed and paperwork up to date.

The WHS / OHS compliance nightmare

ProofSafe simplifies the documentation for everyone, this means your entire team can focus on identifying hazards, having the conversations and building a safe culture without the paperwork hindering the process. Obviously we must record safety related information however it doesn't need to be difficult.
Each organisation is unique and every worksite must be considered separately, from a hairdressing salon to mine site, when your team is at work you want a system that everyone can access, is easy to use and is easy to adjust as the business or job or legislation requires.

Teams need to focus on safety and workplace culture, not paperwork

Companies are routinely prosecuted for not having a documented safety system, you MUST keep records. However you and your team are the experts in your field and therefore you can set up your safety systems and record keeping to suit your situation. Generic paper (or digital) forms are never suitable for every worksite, with ProofSafe it takes just a few minutes to update your forms and filling them in each day is painless. By keeping the forms current it's much more likely the team will use them properly and once uploaded the filing and record keeping is complete.

A well designed Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) will save time and significant costs, builds a safer, happier team and gives you a significant advantage when tendering for work.

Safer and compliant

Asset management - People, equipment, sites

ProofSafe ensures safety related information is shared quickly. It may be management informing the team of new innovations or a field operator updating the status of a machine; this would deliver 'red flags' quickly up the chain to ensure problems are identified and solved.

Maintaining up to date records on assets can be time consuming, each type of asset has a range of properties that need to be monitored:

  • STAFF - induction status, PPE, licensing, training courses
  • PLANT / EQUIPMENT - servicing, testing, faults, repairs
  • SITES - audits, policies, personnel

With ProofSafe you will be able to update the status of any asset from your mobile phone or tablet, or the website. For example if a mechanic logs a repair on the Yellow Whatsit using her phone then the system has a record of who fixed what and when; that asset file is automatically updated.

Web based digital system for workplace safety

ProofSafe is designed for the user - the volunteer putting up a nest box, the factory worker using a metal press and the auditor with 5 people and a site to inspect. ProofSafe, the app, the processes and this website are all designed to be accessible and user friendly for everyone, not just the tech IT team.

The ProofSafe team has a varied background from mine safety to systems engineering to arboriculture, the need for a robust set of software solutions that helps businesses manage data, keep teams safe AND are easy to use for everyone is our key driver for development. We have extensive experience in some of the most dangerous work environments. This technical depth combined with the flexibility of the software ensures ProofSafe will solve problems in your workplace.

In summary - using ProofSafe an organisation will more easily:

  • Collect data - in the field, on the road or at the office
  • Maintain up to date records - staff, assets, communications
  • Prove compliance in tender applications and for regulatory safety bodies such as WorkSafe / SafeWork
  • Integrate digital forms and a user friendly software solution into operations.